The release of RL 1.0.1


We are excited to announce the release first patch release of RL 1! It’s a straightforward set of bug fixes and several enhancements. In this post, we are going to highlight some of the more prominent changes.

Bug fixes

  • Prevent duplicate attachments to restaurant listing posts for non-image media.
  • PHP error on registration form due to missing placeholder text.
  • Properly reset category selector on [restaurants] shortcode.
  • Show restaurant listing’s published date in a localized format.
  • When using Polylang, only the active language’s restaurant listings will be displayed in the [restaurants] shortcode.


  • In WP Admin just strip tags from custom field labels instead of escaping them.
  • Sanitize field input using different strategies.
  • Updates account-signin.php template to warn users email will be confirmed only if that is enabled.
  • When retrieving listings in [restaurants] shortcode, setting orderby to rand_featured will still place featured listings at the top.
  • Change get_the_restaurant_types() to return an empty array when restaurant types are disabled.
  • Update language for setup wizard with more clear descriptions.
  • Adds versions to template files so it is easier to tell when they are updated.

New Hooks

  • Adds a new wprl_notify_new_user action that allows you to override default behavior.
  • Runs new actions (restaurant_listings_recent_restaurants_widget_before and restaurant_listings_recent_restaurants_widget_after) inside Recent Restaurants widget.

Check out the commits and GitHub project for the full details. Up next will be v1.0.2, another patch release to address the next set of fixes and improvements.

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