How to display coupon code in WooCommerce cart page?


Should you display coupon codes in cart page?

Most e-commerce store even WooCommerce has coupon code option. We can put coupon code in the discount code option in the shopping cart.


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After all, everyone love coupons, right? All like discounts and often buy more when they have them, right? But most of the time they search coupon code in google & other sites. And in mean time they will leave your site. They might another product similar to yours.

So how do you get it fixed? Simple.

First, you can create your own coupon codes and share them with your customers.

Second, send them coupon codes via email as links & hide the coupon fileds

Third, Display the coupon codes in cart page.

There are couple of plugin which can help you send coupon links as per point two. So, we will discuss about the third points here. We’ll display latest five discount codes in cart page, so user can easily use it.

There is a hook called woocommerce_cart_coupon, which can be used to display coupon codes in cart page.Here we are showing 5 coupon codes. If you want to display more you can change it here ‘posts_per_page’ => 5.

In cart page it would look like this. Now, user can select which coupon code he is interested to use. Hope it would you optimising in cart conversion. 

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